Martial Arts Workout Exercises

There are few basic exercises that you have to include in your MMA strength training. Start with warm up to improve your mobility and to avoid injuries, followed by basic general strength exercises such as dead-lifts, chin-ups, squats, lunges and bench press. General strength is important for developing power which is needed for explosiveness and knock-out kicks.

Is it hard work? Of course! But as Larry Batista of the Karate Academy of Bethpage writes,

“Hard training requires a lot of physical stamina, but it also builds mental and spiritual strength too.“

To deliver that knock-out kick you will have to rotate your whole body hence your core is the centre of your striking power. The knock-out kick comes from technique, body-weight, speed and power, so if you miss out on a simple core body rotation, that connects all of these components together, you won’t deliver that knockout kick. So don’t forget to include core exercises like static core stability and dynamic core stability exercises in your strength training.


By practicing these exercises you will develop strength need for MMA. All of them are equally important for your development and all of these muscle groups have to be involved to achieve their maximum impact.

Few tips – make sure you have well developed program that suits your needs. If you don’t have it, hire a professional to develop a specific program just for you or you can download one from my website.

Depending on your needs, you should have two to three strength and cardio trainings a week but two should be a minimum. When adding your strength training to your normal MMA training, make sure that you have enough rest to allow your muscles to recover.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved today!


Female Mixed Martial Arts

Female influence in MMA and other martial arts has been greatly on the rise in last few decades. Only15 years ago, there was almost no female practitioners in some martial arts school. The number has since risen up to 50%, even in martial arts like Muay Thai and mixed martial arts that are considered to be very tough sport. Women’s MMA fighters even have their own Wikipedia page.

This is a positive change and also proof that female fighters are as capable and fearless as men. It also brings new and different dimension to MMA matches that used to predominately have only male fights. It was a slow start and sometimes a struggle to include female fights because there was very little interest in female MMA. Today, many shows in Japan and America have female matches regularly.Mixed martial arts training is exactly the same for women and men, there are no differences. It is hard and tough, lots of sweat and tears but results are speaking for themselves. However, female martial artists have not yet achieved such success as men. It is still predominantly male sport.


Let’s not be naive, there are still many people, not just men but also parents, other women and different societies that don’t approve this as a sport suited for a woman. Many of them are underestimating female martial arts abilities and they are stuck with some old believes.

Female involvement in the mixed martial arts does not make a woman less feminine. Actually, they are more because they feel more confident and have less fear of physical danger. It empowers them. MMA, or not, it is a change in good direction, positive one; more people are getting involved in martial arts every day. Slowly but surely, all the benefits of martial art training are being recognized by lots of people; a healthy lifestyle, building of self-esteem, learning of new techniques, raise of confidence and better management of stress.